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2011日医工女子オープン優勝 2009PRGRレディス優勝 2008フジサンケイ優勝

Ayako Uehara

Ayako Uehara
Mos Burger (Mos Food Services)
Okinawa, Japan
Date of Birth
December 22, 1983
Blood Type
High school
Okayama Sanyo High School (Okayama, Japan)
Rookie year
September 1, 2004 (76th, LPGA of Japan)
Swimming, Soccer, Triathlon
Mom and two sisters
Yoga, Karaoke, Spa, Watching movies
Favorite color
blue and red
Golfing career
from 1995 (age 12)
Amateur stats
Japan Women's Amateur Golf Championship 2002, Japan Junior Golf Championship 1998
Favorite golfer
Se Ri Pak
Favorite golf club
Approach Wedge
Toho Holdings
Golf equipment
[clubs] PING
[balls] Titleist
Other notes
Pink Ribbon charity campaign, green movement, environmental movement
Tips to know more about Ayako

thinks about others more than herself, loves Okinawa, hates smoke, always thinking "green", always cashless, likes discount coupons, forgetful, likes cleaning up litter, can't stand littering, homework was usually done by friends, no ice for drinks, picky eater, humidifier is a necessity, sentimental, loves cleaning, wants to clean up all over Okinawa, slow life, fast action for good causes, never bends herself, forward-minded